Monday, 16 May 2016

Tile and Stone Restoration Training Course

We often receive requests to provide training in the restoration of tile and stone and so we are pleased to announce that we have now put together a comprehensive two day training course focusing on the following subjects:
  • Repairing Scratch marks on Marble and Honed Stone Slate etc.
  • Removing and Replacing Broken Victorian or Stone floor Tiles.
  • Resolving Lippage problems on Victorian tiled floors.
  • Tiling a small section of Tiles
  • And much more

Located at our training centre in Carnforth near Lancaster the course cost is £474.00 including VAT and a night stay in a local hotel, food and drink is included while in attendance which we think you will agree is excellent value.

For more details please contact us at or call us during normal office hours on 0845 652 4652

Monday, 23 November 2015

Tile Doctor Advanced Course

Stewart Tomlin from Devon (left) and David Carson of West Sussex (right) completed their advanced Tile, Stone and Grout maintenance course at the Tile Doctor distribution and training centre in Carnforth last week. 

We run the advanced course for those interested in becoming a professional Tile Doctor and covers the following topics:
  • Blanket Cleaning
  • Curing Acid Damage  on Cancerous Stones,
  • Heavy Grit Usage on Diamond Pads
  • lippage Removal
  • Milling Stone Floor Tiles
  • Porcelain Indentifaction and Problem Spotting
  • Red Wine Stain Removal With Reduxa
  • Rust Removal
  • Silicone Extracting And Replacement
  • Stone Wall Tile Polishing
  • Tile Extraction and  Replacement
If your interested in more information about the Tile Doctor training courses please visit the following web page:

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Tile Doctor Acid Gel

Product Announcement Tile Doctor Acid Gel

Removing grout smears or efflorescence from tiled walls is a common problem and something we are often contacted about at Tile Doctor.  The solution is the use of an acid based product however liquids will run down walls and don't hold in position long enough to dwell and get to work on the grout making the job more difficult.


Tile Doctor have now resolved this problem with the creation of a new pH1 blend of Phosphoric and Hydrochloric acids in a gel form and being a gel it is especially effective on vertical or sloped surface where where more dwell time is required. 

Tile Doctor are the only company producing an Acid Gel for Tile and Stone, an innovation which has come about after listening to feedback from customers and the 50 Tile Doctors operating in the UK. This close working relationship allows Tile Doctor to respond quickly and to develop solutions to problems affecting the Tile and Stone industry.  

Acid Gel is in stock and available in 1 and 5 litre bottles ready to order via the web site via the following link:


Thursday, 5 November 2015

Tile Doctor Training Graduates

Introducing Paul Coyle (left) of Sterling and Julian Rowe (right) from Shefield who are graduates of last weeks Tile Doctor training course held at our training and distribution facility in Carnforth.  Both Paul and Julian are set to become active Tile Doctors in their local area's and have joined the Tile Doctor network further increasing the cover of our Tile, Stone and Grout maintenance service in the UK.   

For more information about the Tile Doctor network and training please visit

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Announcing the Tile Doctor Maintenance Plan

We often receive requests from customers to provide regular maintenance for their floors, especially for the upkeep of sealed and polished stone floors such as Limestone, Marble and Travertine.   Previously we have done this on an adhoc basis as and when requested which is not ideal for either the customer or the Tile Doctor. 

We have taken that feedback on board and are now able to offer a structured maintenance plan that will ensure your installation will continue to look its best for years to come.

The plan is centrally administered by Tile Doctor in conjunction with you’re your local Tile Doctor and backed up by a direct debit scheme to allow customers to spread the cost over 12 months. 

If this is of interest to you and to find out more about the scheme please talk to your local Tile Doctor about it during the next visit or let us know and we will organise it for you.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

New Tile Doctor range of Grout Colourants

Following many years promoting products from other suppliers and in conjunction with feedback from our customers we are now pleased to announce we have finally launched our own range of Grout Colourants which are available in ten practical colours.

We work very closely with our network of professional Tile Doctors and this new development will allow us to further develop the product range, this feedback loop is key component of Tile Doctors success.

Available Colours
Black Cappuccino Charcoal Grey Chocolate Ivory
Light Grey Limestone Natural Grey Sandstone White
(Colours are displayed as accurately as possible. Some colours may not represent exact grout colour, they may also appear differently on computer monitors with different resolutions).

For more information about the range or to order please visit our Tile Doctor Grout Colourant page.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Tile Doctor Taxonomy of Published Work History

If your looking for detailed information relating to the activities of Tile Doctors around the county take a look at the Tile Doctor Taxonomy web page which is an index of the main keywords taken from approximately 500 published work history articles on the subject of Tile, Stone and Grout maintenance.

Keywords are automatically assimilated and range from the town of Abridge in Essex all the way to Yorkstone published by our Wiltshire Tile Doctor.  To take a test drive of this great new resource visit