Sunday, 22 April 2012

Tile Doctor 2012 Conference Report

The 2012 Tile Doctor Conference at Wolverhampton Reaceourse got off to a Prompt Start at 13:30 with a tight schedule to fit in with the racing. Director Russell Taylor started the ball rolling with introductions and a few procedural reminders and a quick review of the Agenda.

This was followed by the announcement of the Tile Doctor Commercial initiative which will utilise new suppliers and promote Tile Doctor in the commercial sector to secure nationwide contracts.

One of these new suppliers is 3M who have a fantastic product called Scotchgard Stone Floor Protector which provides a very durable very hard, glossy, dust repellent, chemical-resistant and watertight surface that will last for up to 12 months ideal for high traffic areas. Below is a video from the Contacts Manager at Manchester Airport who highly recommends the product.

Another new supplier is SureFoot Systems who are experts in the field of Anti Slip flooring. Karl Ward from SureFoot was on hand to take Tile Doctors through the Anti Slip market and available solutions including the pros and cons of acid etching.

SureFoot have a 3 stage product which will shortly be available to Tile Doctors via the Tile Doctor website as will products from 3M

The next item on the agenda was Internet Marketing and Tile Doctor Webmaster Jeremy Taylor give the Tile Doctors a quick rundown on the use of Google Adwords Tools for research, the benefits of using blogging tools such as Word Press and the importance of link building.

The next item on the agenda was the launch of the Tile Doctor League Table which gives Tile Doctors the opportunity to compare their performance against each other and provides a little competition.

The League Table for the previous 12 months puts Hertfordshire Tile Doctor Rob Voyce in the lead with 6,868 points which moved the discussion nicely into the Tile Doctor awards of which there were four categories.

Tile Doctor of the Year Award was presented to Rob Voyce for his spectacular performance in the League Table.

Next award went to Mick Gayton for his Warwickshire WebSite which contains a great mix of Video, Photos and Customer Testimonials.

The Innovation award went to John Carden of Tyneside who has consistently been the source of new ideas and suggestions; unfortunately he was unable to be at the conference.

The last award and a bit of fun was the “Beer Award” which saw the distribution of a number of personalised crates of beer to a number of Tile Doctors.

This concluded the formal part of the conference and we posed for photographs and moved to the bar whilst the conference room was setup for the pre-racing meal.

One the conference suite was ready we moved back inside for a 4 course dinner followed by the racing.